TENSA offers a complete range of bearings. Almost 30 years of worldwide experience in the field allows TENSA to provide the most appropriate solution to meet all clients' needs. The internal production facility and laboratory allow to keep full control of quality and of delivery times.

Key advantages

  • Represent a competitive and efficient solution to realize the 'static scheme' of the structure
  • Dedicated production of any bearing
  • Highly qualified technical office
  • High quality and efficiency of TENSA bearings thanks to private lab:  TENSA Lab

Systems available


TENS RUBBER bearings are able to transfer vertical and lateral loads between the superstructure and the substructure; they allow displacements in all directions and rotations about any axis thanks to the rubber’s elastic deformation.
TR bearings are usually made of alternating rubber layers and steel sheets or, alternatively, of rubber only. The bearing is realized through vulcanization.

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TENS POT bearings can adapt to most of structures and are able to transfer vertical and horizontal loads between the superstructure and substructure and allow rotations around any horizontal axis in the standard range of ± 0.01 rad (on request up to 0.02) and without limitation around the vertical axis.

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TENS SPHERICAL bearings can satisfy high performance requirements and are able to transfer vertical and horizontal loads between the superstructure and the substructure, designed in order to allow the correct transfer of loads between the different structural elements, and to guarantee, at the same time, the realization of displacements and rotations according to the design.

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TENSA designs and provides different types of expansion joints, which can be used in any structure. TENSA's joints are capable to absorb the structure movements caused by temperature variations, creep, shrinkage, seismic actions, from the smallest to the largest.

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