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Our Mission is to constantly improve the methods and the quality of construction processes through research, innovation and cooperation with designers, engineers and contractors worldwide.


Six months ahead of schedule, the last segment of the bridge over the Tagliamento River has been successfully erected! A great team working within our Group has allowed us to succeed in completing greatly earlier than expected one of the most iconic projects of our beloved home region. The Tagliamento River bridge is a precast segmental twin deck structure 1,5km long, built with the balance cantilever construction method; the 80m long spans allow the flood plains surrounding the river to be left untouched.
August 02, 2019
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July 28, 2019
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Roskilde Fjord Link, Frederikssund Denmark The works are at the end. Soon the official inauguration!
July 26, 2019
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Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge over the Barrow River in the N24 New Ross Bypass, Ireland Works in progress... Stay with us! Credit photo by Mavic
July 19, 2019
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REM Metro Project, Point Claire, Montreal Canada Fantastic pictures of our launching girders “Marie” and “Anne” in REM Metro Project
July 08, 2019
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June 28, 2019
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June 22, 2019
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LG1, REM Metro Project, Point Claire, Montreal Canada First span of REM Metro Project is being lifted in Montreal! Rizzani de Eccher in partnership with NouvLR has started the erection works of the 16,2km of precast segmental elevated guideway. The Project will connect downtown Montreal to several suburbs and Montreal International airport. Deal has supplied no. 2 launching gantries, no. 10 moulds for the segments prefabrication and the engineering services. Tensa has supplied all the post-tensioning. Teamwork services of Gruppo de Eccher.
June 20, 2019
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Rizzani de Eccher nella Rail Baltica, Riga Lettonia È stato firmato il contratto di 430,5 milioni di euro per l’appalto della Stazione di Riga, primo lotto funzionale di 2,6 km del megaprogetto infrastrutturale denominato Rail Baltica. Si tratta di un appalto molto complesso in design & build, a cui Rizzani de Eccher partecipa, assieme alla impresa belga Besix e alla impresa lettone Rere, portando un significativo valore aggiunto per la propria esperienza nel settore delle grandi infrastrutture. L’opera consiste nella trasformazione della esistente stazione di Riga in uno dei più moderni terminal ferroviari mai realizzati con 26 scale mobili, 8 ascensori e ampi parcheggi per auto. Verrà eliminato il terrapieno ferroviario esistente che taglia la città di Riga e verrà creato un bypass per treni merci. Rail Baltica è un sistema ferroviario greenfield di 870 km del valore stimato in circa 6 miliardi di euro con uno scartamento tale da permettere il collegamento diretto di Estonia, Lettonia e Lituania alla rete ferroviaria europea. Sono previsti 3 centri multimodali e 7 stazioni passeggeri. Il finanziamento dell’opera è coperto dalla Comunità Europea. Rizzani de Eccher in the Rail Baltica, Riga Latvia A 430,5 million euro contract for the procurement of the Riga Station has been signed. It concerns the first 2,6 kilometres functional lot of the infrastructural megaproject called Rail Baltica. It’s a very complex design & build contract, in which Rizzani de Eccher participates together with the Belgian company Besix and the Latvian company Rere, bringing significant added value due their experience in the large infrastructure sector. The work consists in the conversion of the existing Riga station in one of the most modern railway terminal ever built before, with 26 escalators, 8 lifts and broad car parks. The existing embankment, that currently runs through Riga, will be removed and a bypass for freight trains will be created. Rail Baltica is a 870 kilometres greenfield railway system, with a value of 6 billion euros, with a track gauge that allows a direct connection of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the European rail network The project foresees 3 multimodal centres and 7 stations for passengers. The work is financed by the European Community.
June 18, 2019
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Rèseau Express Metropolitain On Thursday 13th of June Tensa team has successfully completed the stressing of the first span of the project on LG1 in Montreal!
June 14, 2019
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