TENSA is able to provide a dedicated technical solution for the use of parallel strands cable systems as suspension cables and vertical hanger for suspended bridges. This solution has been used in several applications around the world


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30 years’ experience, more than 50 worldwide applications, continuous improvement and innovation have allowed TENSA to stay at the forefront of the stay cables technology, continuously releasing new and customized solutions for its clients.

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TENSA offers a complete range of bearings. Almost 30 years of worldwide experience in the field allows TENSA to provide the most appropriate solution to meet all clients' needs. The internal production facility and laboratory allow to keep full control of quality and of delivery times.

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Base isolation systems are used to protect constructions and, more importantly, human lives.  25 years’ experience allows TENSA to provide a solution to any design demand, producing innovative tools aimed at reducing the seismic hazard.

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