TENSA is leader in the design, production and installation of systems and special components useful for the construction and lifetime proper performance of structures dedicated to the storage of several products, utilized by different industries.


TENSA technologies applied in Silos & Tanks are aimed to:

  • Strengthen and confine the external concrete structure, to increase concrete performance and structure robustness under liquid or materials containment actions (post tensioning)
  • Protect structures from seismic action or, in general, from dynamic actions (i.e. wind)
  • Consolidate and strengthen ground beneath the structure (ground anchors)

The technology of ground anchoring is widely used especially as far as foundation consolidation and retaining walls are adopted.

At the connection between basement and walls it is possible to use:


Structures, indeed, undergo displacements, rotations and deformations caused by acting loads (of static, dynamic, thermic nature etc.) or by phenomena such as shrinkage and creep, linked to the maturation of materials.

Movements, rotations and deformations need to be allowed for and contemplated where strictly necessary and in accordance with the designer’s constraining system.


Base seismic isolation represents an important tool in the hands of the designers to protect the structural and non-structural components of a construction. Isolators limit the acceleration transferred to the structure and reduce inertial stress by increasing the oscillation period.


Dampers are hydraulic devices depending on load application velocity and are able to dissipate part of the dynamic energy entering into the structure.


STUs are hydraulic devices, able to create, only for impulsive external force, a temporary rigid connection between two parts of the structure.


Concrete walls are usually post tensioned, designing structures as reinforced shells.

Post tensioning plays a key role with vertical or annular (looped shape) tendons, creating a deep net of compression forces to the structure.

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Thanks to its experienced team of engineers and technicians, TENSA is able to guarantee the highest and worldwide accepted quality standards to every step of the post tensioning process, from the design, to production and on-site installation.

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Almost 50 years of worldwide experience in the field allow TENSA to provide customized solutions to meet all the clients' needs. TENSA’s ground anchors are developed within an overall improvement program including anchors and post-tensioning products.

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